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Summer Vaca-crap

John and Dave sat together on the verandah of Dave's home. Dirk was in the kitchen, making pizza, with Jake most likely on his lap in hooker boots.
Gay weirdos.
The sun was on its way down from the sky, leaving behind a beautiful mixture of colors. There was no place on earth that Dave would rather have been. John chatted happily, talking about his life and how school things were going. But you see, John didn't go to the same school as Dave. He didn't even go to the same state! No, John was visiting Dave and Dirk for a week almost up.
Dave was a California boy but had roots in Texas. He was born and bred there and had just moved to Cali with his Bro. John, for his part, was just a new yorkian who had lived in the city all his life and never experienced the luxury of a beach backyard, or even privacy for that matter. So when Dave pulled up enough money to fly him over, John jumped at the chance and was soon spending a wondrous week with Dave and his cousin Rose.
"Only a couple of more days left John. Are you enjoying your stay?" A girls voice shocked the boys from behind.
"Rose!" John squeaked. "What are you doing here?"
"Yeah," Dave agreed. "I thought you were heading for England with aunt Roxy."
"Well I'm not. At least, not yet." She sat down on the railing and faced the boys. "I'm leaving tomorrow so I thought that maybe we could go surfing one last time together." Dave glanced nervously at John. John looked a little worried but otherwise jumped at the idea.
"I'd love to Rose! Lets go before it gets too dark."

They made it about half a mile from the shore when night struck. Dave paddled on his board confidently. This wouldn't be the first time he night surfed. Rose as well would be fine. John however was another story. He had only been surfing one other time and had failed miserably. Night surfing was not right for a noob.
A ripple woke Dave from his murk of thoughts and worry. The wave was coming.
"Get on your boards!" Rose screamed over the roar of water. "She's a big one!" Dave immediately got on and started to ride. Rose whipped by happily yelling toward shore. But there was no words or movement of any kind from John. "John?" He yelled. There! Dave watched as John calmly stood up on his board and met the wave head on. Dave yelled encouragement for his friend and then his heart leapt in his throat. The wave went right over John and swallowed him whole. At that moment, Dave unceremoniously crashed into the shore and went flying onto the sand.
Rose ran over, laughing at him. "You're a doofus. You see this whole big white space? It's called a beach and you shouldn't be tasting it."
"Rose!" Dave stood up shakily. "John wiped out, have you seen him anywhere?" Rose got serious and shook her head. "Go get Dirk!" Rose scrambled away. Dave took in the beach trying to find John. And then he saw him, a huddled mass of body crumpled awkwardly on the sand. Dave sprinted toward him and once he reached him, flipped his body over so that John would be staring at the sun.
"Come on John. Come on John!" Dave laughed and cried liked a madman, playing it perfectly. He willed with all of his heart that John would live. Strangely enough, Rose's voice popped into his head. 'Give him chest compressions and then mouth to mouth if that doesn't work.' Dave could almost picture the slight shrug of her know it all appearance. So thus it began.
He pushed on John's chest with all of his might, repeating this action several times. Tears streamed down his face as he kept going all the while wondering where the hell Rose and Dirk were. But all of his toils were in vain. John made no indication to life. Then one last idea came to him, deep within his childhood memories, and he bent forward.
And his lips came into contact with John's.
He stayed like that for several seconds, waiting for any sign. Dave closed his eyes and pulled away. Tears continued to flow and took off his shades out of respect.
"Wow Dave, I didn't know that your eyes are red. That's so awesome!" Dave let out a strangled choke and wrapped his arms around John.
"Fuck you Egbert!"
"I love you too Dave." Something inside Dave stirred as John said those words, but as he went to delve deeper into it Dirk and Rose showed up.
"Oh, he's alive," Rose stopped in her tracks. "Well, I guess I'll go get some sleep for the trip tomorrow. Bye guys." Dirk scooped John into his arms and carried him toward the house. "Let's get some sleep little mans. There's a big anime morning that you ain't gonna miss this time." Dave said nothing, lost in so much thought as he was.

Dave stared at his cereal. A movement to his right caught his attention.
"Excuse me Dave, I need to get the milk." As John reached across him, Dave caught a whiff of him. Saltwater. John smelt fucking good. John sat down next to him and began to eat, his eyes were so wide and blue and innocent. And his hair lightly tousled as it usually was. Oh, how Dave longed to run his hands through John's hair and then lower... Shit. What the hell was he thinking? Dave looked down quickly and began to eat his food forcefully.
"So dudes. Whatcha planning today?" Dave looked at John and shrugged.
"Just chillin'."
"Cool beans. Now, I'm going to spend the night at Jakes place. You boys ok alone?" They both nodded. "See ya." And then Dirk was out the door and gone.
"Sooooo..." John glanced bashfully at his bowl. Dave's heart sped up. 'I am definately in love.' He thought. 'Id better do something about it before I go crazy.'
"Hey John? Ever go crabbing before?"

It was now many hours past crabbing and the sky held a husky sunset. John was taking a shower and Dave sat on the couch, wringing his hands nervously. Tonight was the night. He could wait no longer.
John came out if the bathroom drying his hair and wearing a pair of shorts. "Hey Dave, have you seen my..." But John was cut off abrubtly as Dave kissed him hard. John pushed him away. "Woah Dave. What's happening?"
Dave grabbed John and led him to the bedroom. John squealed protests along the way. But Dave was having none of that. He pushed John against the wall and kissed him more and more, harder each new round. Then he flung John down on the bed and pinned his arms above his head.
"Dave. Dave! I'm not a homosexual." Dave pulled off his shades and set them down carefully.
"We'll have to see about that." And Dave pulled of his shirt. Johns eyes grew wide as he took in Dave's muscles, which wasn't much. Dave stuck his hands in Johns hair and ground his hips against Johns.
John gasped. He soon found that every time Dave came down, he would buck his hips upward to meet Dave's. Dave smiled and kissed Johns neck softly, seductively. And then he went for the buttons.
Dave fumbled a little with the first one but after that it was smooth sailing. His own came off with no difficulty. Now the two boys were left with nothing but their underwear. John glanced fearfully but totally intrigued with what could, and would, happen next. Dave took a moment to clear his head and then dove right into it. He took off Johns pants first and then his own. Both boys were at their most vulnerable stage now, giving complete trust and love to one another.
Dave pushed one of John legs over his shoulder and he kissed the inside of his thigh. He did the same with the other leg. John made an impatient whine and bucked a little. Dave grinned softly, knowing exactly what the boy wanted. And he gave it to him.
His lips wrapped around Johns cock and he sucked lightly as to not hurt him. After a few moments Dave brought out his secret weapon. John moaned loudly and gripped Dave's cock with one hand while with the other gripped the bed. Dave's tongue flicked lightly over the head of Johns cock and he continued to suck. John came in his mouth and Dave licked it up carefully, not missing a drop. The Strider code: spitters were quitters. Dirk would be proud.
There was so much! Dave didn't think that it was humanely possible to have so much cum in one tiny little Egbert body. John reluctantly stopped Dave and took his own turn pleasing his partner. John wasn't the best but, he was a virgin and new at this, so Dave didn't complain. John, for his part, also swallowed. And that was huge because semen tastes nasty and makes your throat all dry and stuff.
"How do you like the taste of thousands of souls of unborn children?" Dave joked. John choked and Dave pulled him ontop to kiss him. And then Dave could wait no longer. He had to have John. And he had to have him NOW! Dave rolled John back on the bottom and spread his legs wide. Lifting Johns bum a little, Dave began to pound into a nice hot Egbert ass. John screamed and moaned, as well did Dave. The boys went on in this manner till long into the night. Collapsing in each others arms, wet and exhausted. Their virginities well gone by now.

They woke up the next morning in each others arms and John bashfully kissed Dave. "Good morning to you too!" Dave responded with an even deeper kiss. And then, Dirk.
"Come on boys! Up ans at'em! Lets get this day going." Dave groaned quietly. Why couldn't Dirk have just spent the whole today at Jakes as well? Then he could have made John a nice romantic breakfast and passionate kisses while watching nickelodeon.
"Where are we going Dirk?" John questioned. Dirk glared softly at him.
"Call me Bro little dude. Bro. " John shrugged. It made no difference to him.
"So where are we going?" Dave asked exasperatedly. He really was just aching to get back in bed with John for the rest of the day. Dirk smiled devils hoy at the friends.
"We're having lunch at Jake's house."

Jakes home was average sized but well decorated. Dirk met Jake on the porch with a deeply passionate kiss. Dave's lips tingled with anticipation toward having johns on his own. A small head with big ears peeped out of the front window and peeped back down just as fast. Jake walked over to the two boys and held out his hand for them to shake. "Welcome to my humble home," he said with a thick English accent. "My granddaughter is eager to meet you." Dave looked at Dirk, questions dancing on his lips. Dirk shook his head slightly as if to say, not yet. He would explain later. Jake took Dirks hand and led him into the house. Dave and John followed closely behind. The girl that Dave saw earlier popped up out of nowhere.
"Hi! I'm Jade Harley."
"John." John blushed deep red and held out his hand. Dave glared at him.
"Dave." He mumbled gruffly. But Jade hardly noticed, her eyes were glued to John. She took Johns hand impulsively and led him away. John made no move to disentangle Himself from her. Dave growled softly. This would not do. Not at all.
He had a horrible day trying to keep Johns attention all to himself. John on the other hand had a marvelous day. A pretty girl actually liked him. Sure, he loved Dave now, but for years he'd been trying to get girls on his side and now that he had one he wasn't too keen on the idea of letting Go. He didn't even think of the hurt he was causing Dave.
Dirk decided that he wanted to spend the night at Jakes house again and Dave made no move to stop him. He just took John and led him away. John sensed an urgency in Dave and became slightly worried. That night, Dave fucked John relentlessly until it was well past midnight and he collapsed in Johns arms. They awoke in the morning to a happy squealing coming from the lawn. It was Jade.
Dirk burst into the room, didn't notice the boys naked, and began to chatter excitedly.
"Jade wants to take you and John out today for a little picnic. I'm gonna spend the whole day fucki... I mean, hanging out, with Jake." John got dressed excitedly but Dave made no move at all. He slugged Gainst the bed. Dirk held his hand to Dave's forehead to feel his temperature. "Oh hell no Dave. You're staying home, got it? Get some rest. Call me of you need anything." John and Dirk headed out with English and Harley.
Dave stayed awake for a while and then fell asleep some time later to even more horrid dreams. He imagined that John and Jade would climb a stupid hill and sit on a stupid checkered blanket and eat stupid cake. Then John would tell a stupid joke and they would both laugh. But then John and jade would lean toward each other and kiss stupidly. Then, using the stupid skills he'd learned from strider, continue to seduce Jade until they were lying naked and making stupid love. Stupidly.
He couldn't lose John. Not when he'd just found him. Especially not to a just pretty girl. He was a Strider- a special breed- made from the balls of Chuck Norris and the sex appeal of a freaking male stripper. Who could possibly resist the Strider charm? And who would give it all up for stupid Jade Harley?
John came home that night to find Dave already asleep. He kissed his forehead and wrapped him in his arms and joined Dave in sweet slumber.

It was the day. The very last day. John had to go home. Dave kissed and cuddled him relentlessly, not wasting a single moment to show John his loyalty in love. John pushed it off as Dave feeling needy. Often as a child, Dave would cling to everything according to Dirk. Perhaps Dave was feeling the same way again. Nevertheless, John had to leave now and this was his last goodbye.
"You have my number?" Dave asked. "Text me anytime. Or call. Doesn't matter."
John silenced him with one last kiss. "I will tell you every little detail. Even when I'm pissing." Dave smacked Johns ass lightly and then he was gone.
Dave stared after his friend, now lover, with his phone in his hands, ready for whenever John needed him most.

It was ten o clock that night when the first text came through.
JE: hey Dave. Got home safe.
DS: *breathe relief*
JE: u Wernt that worried
DS: hell yes I wuz. I need u 2 live
JE: f u
DS: later baby. Later
JE:-*laughs-* wow Dave, just... Wow
JE: btw, dad says he wants u 2 visit Ny
DS: ! Hells yea! When?
JE: dk.... Maybe 1 month from now? YeAh, one month
DS: sounds delish. I'll tell bro
JE: k.
JE: I love you Dave
DS: I love you John
Dave sat and stared at the ceiling, hardly being able to wait for his trip to Ny to see John once again.

JE: how's the plane ride?
DS: sucks man. Like... Dave can't even come up with a hilarious pun sucks
JE: heavy
DS: since when do u say heavy?
JE: ... Thought it made me sound mysterious and sexually attractive
DS: remind me to hide all of the thongs when u finally grow pubis hair. Don't want the girls to go crazy over ur penis.
DS: that's my property
JE: I don't see ur name on it
DS: look again Egbert. U'll see.
JE: ............
JE: when the hell did u do this
DS: u were sleeping harmlessly. I did a little tattooing. Harmless. It should wipe off in a few months.
DS: till then, ur ass is mine
DS: shit. Landing. Ily
JE: ily2
Dave sat back and waited to touch solid ground. He was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing John and a little nervous about meeting Johns dad. He saw them immediately once he went out of the plane door. John waved like a lunatic and his dad just sipped his pipe. Dave went over to them with that same old Strider poker face. But as he reached John, he allowed a small little smile to creep on his features. It had been a whole month since they'd last seen each other. John babbled excessively as his dad led the boys to their car. And he babbled excessively in the car as well.
"It's been so long! So much has happened. I went to the arcade for the very first time and I played lax an and then afterword I went to the store and bought a Pepsi because you told me that sprite is Cheap.Then I went and hung out with my friends. At a movie! It was that movie that you told me all the cool kids will be at. Well I was there so I guess I'm cool like you, so then Kanaya, Karkat, Terezi, and Gamzee and I went..."
"Son," johns dad interrupted the over excited boy. "Calm down son."
John made an impatient sound that was so similar to what he'd done in bed one month ago. It made Dave very excited. All over.
"Why don't you just shut up until we get home son" John nodded and shut his trap. When they arrived at johns apartment, John looked fit to burst. He quickly dragged Dave around the floor and then he pulled him into his bedroom and locked the door. Dave looked questionangly at John. Then John kissed him and pushed Dave onto the bed.
Dave was surprised by this but otherwise okay with it. John carefully pulled off the strider shades and placed them on the bedside towel. Dave reached up and put his hands under johns shirt, but John had other ideas. Dave wasn't used to this. Striders were always in charge of this part. Now he was the innocent victim. Wow weird.
John wasted no time pulling of Dave's pants and began to immediately please him. Dave was so confused and before he knew it, made a slight whimper. John smirked and continued his job all the while trying to kiss Dave. However, Dave was having problems breathing. "It feels So fucking good!" He gasped and his breaths came in short pants. Then John fucked his brains out.
When that were done Dave stared at John incredulously. "Have you been reading up on it?" John blushed.
"I was just getting prepared."
Dave was still shocked. "You can be prepared all you want."
Then an idea formed in johns head. "Hey, wanna meet my friends?" Dave nodded stoically. "Cool, they'll be at Eat. So lets go!"
"What the hells Eat?"

Turns out that Eat was just a resturaunt. John happily led Dave inside and immediately started to introduce him to his friends. Terezi was a hot bodied girl that was blind. Shwing! Kanaya was also quite a hottie and had a good fashion sense. Shwing! Karkat was small and crappy but kinda sexy in his own thin little way. Gamzee looked like a clown and was totally stoned. Everybody said hi to Dave. John told them he'd be living in Ny for the next two months. The whole summer. Karkats black eyes never left Dave no matter where he moved. The group hung out for a few hours until they all had to go to their respective homes.
Karkat however stayed and hung out with Dave and John. John said he was tired some time later and headed for better. Karkat decided that he wanted to spend the night and since there was only one extra room, he had to bed in Dave's room.
Dave could feel those impossibly dark eyes on him. It made him shiver for some weird reason. Just as he was about to drift off to sleep, a hand crept over and laid on his chest, turning him over. He led out a strangled cry that was soon silenced by lips on his. He moaned as the assailant bit his lip with sharp teeth, drawing blood. Then he realized who it was. "Karkat?" Karkat sat on Dave's lap and locked his arms around him. Dave didn't move. What the hell was going on with today?!? But he still didn't complain. Karkat moved his lips down to Dave's already open pj's. And it began.
Dave could take this. Two boys fucking him in the same day. Yup, totally. So he shrugged and took what was offered.

He woke to a slap in the face. "Mph?" He mumbled and opened his eyes to... Karkat. Of fucking course. "What?" He asked. Karkat just stared at him.
"You're an asshole you know."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Why didn't you tell me your quadrant was already filled?"
"Excuse me?" Dave stared angrily at him.
"You love John." Karkat pointed out. Dave thought he looked sad but it could have been a trick of the light. Or not.
"Well, yeah. He's my boyfriend." Karkat made a disgruntled sound.
"Why the hell didn't you tell me that?!?" He stalked toward the door.
"Okay" Dave whispered and went to use the bathroom.
When he came out John excitedly declared that they were all going to the park. Dave shrugged. He'd rather have been surfing or fucking someone but it didnt matter. As long as he was with John.
They had a bit of fun. Dave was otherwise occupied in his mind of course though. He didn't know what to do about karkat. He didn't want that little body to be upset in any way. But he also didn't want to hurt John in any way. Somewhat the hell was he going to do? The answer came later that night.

"Oh yes, oh yes, harder, faster!" John yelled. His dad wasn't home that night and wouldn't be for a couple of days. Business trip. So they had the place to themselves and they were utilizing it as much as possible. Dave buried his face in johns neck as he fucked him harder. This is what he'd been dreaming of. The absolute freedom of doing whatever he pleased to the boy he loved. Karkat popped into his mind and Dave guiltily shook that thought out of his head. John had his heart and only John. But still...
John made an impatient noise as Dave momentarily stopped to think. Dave bit johns neck as an apology and continued with what he was doing.
And then Karkat walked in the room. John yelled and tried to cover himself, Dave sat there, somewhat defeated. Everything would go to hell now. But no, Karkat began to take off his shirt and soon his pants followed. Then he climbed into bed with the boys and began to make out with Dave. John got slightly jealous and joined Karkat in pleasing Dave. He began to stroke Dave's member quite seductively, making Dave moan into Karkat's mouth. Karkat reached off to John and began to run his finger lightly up and down Johns penis. John whimpered and scratched Karkats back. Karkat arched and Dave took that opportunity to lay him on his back. He moved down and began to suck delicately on Karkat. John was once again left out, but not for long. A wonderful idea formed in his head and he positioned himself behind Dave and started to fuck him. This disturbed the blowjob that Dave was giving Karkat and he was slightly upset by this fact. He took john's attention as he kissed Johns neck, John turned around. John and Karkat began to make out with each other and Dave watched like a freakin pimp. This continued on through the night until they collapsed in each others arms and slept fitfully.
The morning was filled with confusion and drama.
"I'm his boyfriend Karkat!" John argued.
"I fucked him, so how come he didn't say anything?" Karkat retorted back.
"Well, when a man is offered to either have sex or not, he man is obviously gonna choose sex! Plus, he's a Strider. We all know where that leads."
Dave walked in sleepily running his eyes. "Hey boys, what's up?"
John smiled briefly at his love. Karkat glared at him. "Nook sucker." He muttered. Dave kissed John and wrapped his arm around him.
"What are we fighting about girls?"
"A little fucker I see standing next to me. What an asshole." Karkat growled. John smiled softly.
"We were trying to figure out who you loved more." Dave held back a laugh. He'd never been fought over before.
"Applejuice?" He offered.
"Not helping asshole." Karkat went to the fridge and took a swig. Dave smirked.
"Gotta admit, it feels nice to be an asshole. People work to get your hot ass."
"You disgust me," Karkat took another swig. John brushed some hair out of Dave's eyes.
"I never realized that you have beautiful red eyes Dave." John kissed his cheek. A phone went off in the next room.
"That would be for me," Karkat excused himself to answer it. They heard him yelling into the next room. "I'm at a friends house.... No, I never promised to take you out.... Well, you're a bitch anyway.... I do love you.... Yes, I know... I'll be home soon babe... We'll talk later. I'll take you out then. Okay?.... Yes.... I love you more... Bye." Karkat came back into the room with a disgusted look on his face. Dave looked questionangly at him. "Fucking girlfriend," Karkat said. "Won't leave me the fuck alone. Remind me to leave her."
"Who's your girlfriend?" Dave smirked. John answered for Karkat.
"Terezi Pyrope. The hot chick I introduced you too two days ago." Dave nodded understanding. She was a smart choice for a man.
"Are we doing anything later?" He asked. Karkat glared again.
"We need to figure out this problem!" He demanded. "What the hell are we gonna do? Both John and I can't have you. So choose." Dave looked at Karkat with disbelief in his eyes. Clearly the choice was clear.
"John fucking Egbert. He's my boyfriend."
"I bet he didn't tell you that he and I are also fuck buddies." Karkat bragged. "You loosened him and I taught him what he needed to know."
John protested. "The only reason that I chose you was becaus I liked you a bit and I wanted to impress Dave."
"Consider myself impressed," Dave kissed him.
Karkat got impatient. "Stop this other shit! We need to figure something out. I love John. And Dave."
"Why don't we just have a threesome relationship?" Dave suggested. The idea didn't seem all that bad actually. "In public, John and I will be together and you'll be with Tz for purposes. At night is when the fun begins. Then, when you get older and start to fuck Tz, you'll forget us and we can break apart." All in all, it wasn't a horrible plan. For now it would work. Later, they would figure out a better plan. Apparently John and Karkat thought the very same thing. But for now they were willing to work with it.
"Excuse me," Karkat said. " but I have a date with a very hot date tonight."
"Hit that thing!" Dave did the Fonz thing and winked at Karkat.
"Die in a fucking whole and suffer," Karkat said and slammed the door behind him. Dave glanced sideways at John and pulled him tighter.
"Now tell me. Is he always that angry and insulting?" John smiled up at Dave.
"Usually he's worse." Dave kissed John hard.
"It's sexy." He whispered.
"I can be sexy!" John protested. Dave laughed slightly.
"Oh Egbert. I know." Then he led them quietly into the bedroom.

Karkat was having problems. The number one problem at the moment would be Terezi. Why the fuck wouldn't she shut the hell up? She was like a nooksucking parrot. A fucking annoying one at that.
"Karkat, are you paying attention to me?" She asked. He nodded.
"If I were paying any more attention, my brain would turn to mush and my eyes would fall out of my fucking head. Then my horns would turn blue and fall off, even though I don't see how because..."
"Karkat," she laughed ridiculously. "I can see that now. Just making sure." He laughed nervously. This girlfriend stuff sucked big nooks. He really needed to dump her. He wasn't even straight. So what the fuck was he doing?
Ever since pre-k he's had a huge crush on that idiot John fucking Egbert. He'd been working up the nerve to ask him out for some time and just as he was about to ask him out, he found out that he was dating another man. And then they fucked every night for one glorious month. He just was upset because John was only practicing for his human boytoy. And then his boyfriend came over to visit for the summer. Dave Strider.
Dumbass. He was too hot for his own good. Karkat lusted even now at the thought of him. He felt something stronger for John sure, that was a lifelong obsession. But Dave was a new man- fresh ass. And Karkat felt attraction to him. Fucking dumbass.
Terezi hid a smirk. Clearly her boy had other matters on his mind. She leaned forward, flailed to find his face, and stroked his cheek suggestively. "We'll Karkat, I see tonight wont be the night you get lucky either."
Karkat groaned and shoved her hands away. "Honestly Terezi. I love you, yes. But listen, I think we need to see other people." She frowned.
"But we've been dating for three years!" She exclaimed. "But okay, if you want." She grabbed her shit, why do girls have so much of it?, and left. Karkat sighed a breath of relief. Then he sprinted to Johns apartment.

They were eating lunch when he found them. "I thought you'd be in the bedroom."
Dave looked up from a sandwich. "You know, we need to eat occasionally."
"Yeah!" John chimed in. "You burn lots of calories during sex!"
Karkat looked at John and his heart nearly stopped. Why did this always happen? Dave stood and yawned.
"I need sleep. Haven't had time to rest between the two of you." And he left for the guest room where his snores were heard from shortly. John turned to Karkat.
"You broke up with Terezi?" Karkat nodded, shocked to find tears strolling down his cheeks. John ran over to hug Karkat and he clung to John as if he was a lifesaver and he was drowning in the ocean. And then it all came out. He told John of the secret crush he'd held in since pre-k. And every time he saw John with Dave or that one time John dated Nepeta for a year. That's when he started to date Terezi. Just to push down the pain. When Karkat was done pouring out his soul, John took a step back and looked Karkat square in the eyes. Then he lunged forward and kissed Karkat.
At first, Karkat was generally surprised. Then his lips softened and opened slightly under Johns. John whimpered and something in Karkat soared. This is what he'd been dreaming if for five ever. John wanting him for him. Not just for using purposes. John sat back and smiled slightly.
"Dammit," Karkat whispered and took John right there, on the couch.

Dave had to piss really really bad. But the bed was so comfy. But he really had to pee! No... Why must his body betray him? He groaned and sat up. I have time to relax for a minute, he thought. A sharp pain through his lower body told him otherwise. He got up and made his way to the bathroom. He went in contentment and afterward made his way to get a drink. That's when he saw them. His boyfriend and Karkat naked in each others arms on the couch. Dave staggered slightly. No! This couldn't be happening. Karkat was a mistake on his part, but what the hell was innocent john doing? He was cheating on him. That's what. Dave held back a cry and ran out the door. A walk would clear his mind.
Clearly John loved Karkat more. Dave led loose a tear at that idea. He loved John so much, but he prepared himself to let him go if he wanted. If John wanted to be with Karkat, he'd let him. It would hurt at first, he knew. But sooner or later he'd have to get over it.
"I'm a Strider," he muttered. "And Striders never quit." Then he barreled into a figure and they both fell down.
"Hey! Watch where you're going! After all, I can't."
"Tz?" He got up and then helped Terezi off the ground.
"Cool kid?" She guessed. Dave nodded. But she couldn't see that. What the hell was he thinking?!?
"Yeah," he said.
"What brings you to the streets at this time of morning?" She asked. He looked sidelong at her.
"I shall ask the same question of yourself." Terezi shrugged.
"I'll tell if you tell. You start."
Dave sighed. "I think my boyfriend dumped me. I woke up this morning to a stone cold bed, where he should have been laying. So I went to the bathroom and then to get w drink. That's when I saw him. He was in the arms of another man. But it's kinda confusing because I had a threesome with this other man but I didn't think that John and him would fuck without me, y'kmow?" Terezi stared blankly.
"I don't. But I'm getting there." Dave continued.
"So I think there's something going on there but I'm not sure what. I think Johns going to dump me but I'm not sure of that either." Terezi paused and thought on Dave's problem.
"I think you're too unsure of yourself cool kid. You definately should get some solid facts before you start to jump to conclusions."
Dave considered this new course of action. "Perhaps you're right Tz. I'll go figure it out now. Meet me on the park in one hour. You still owe me your explanation!" Dave ran off and Terezi sighed. This cool kid was a weird but strangely attractive man. Too bad he was gay. Maybe she could turn him bi? She wondered and headed to the park where she would wait five ever for him.

Dave burst into the apartment soon after John and Karkat woke up. "Where have you been?" John wondered. "I was freaking out!" Dave stepped back from John's open arms. "Dave?"
"Did you sleep with Karkat last night?"
John looked surprised then crestfallen. "Yes." He admitted quietly. Karkat came over and wrapped an arm around John.
"We're in love Dave. So go fuck yourself In a corner. Alone." Karkat stressed that word. Forever alone. Dave looked sadly to John.
"Is this true?" He asked softly.
"Yes," John said. "I still love you Dave, and I always will, but a realatiinship across every state in the U.S is kind of ridiculous, don't you think?" Tears spilt out of johns eyes and sobs racked his whole body. Dave remained ever pokerface.
"I guess I'll see you later then," Dave managed. And walked out of the door. He ran to the Central Park at top speed. Terezi stood up and made an "oof!" Of surprise.
Then she felt arms go around her and quiet sons racked the body she was holding.
"Cool kid?" She guessed. She felt Dave nod against her shoulder. Poor kid. Must have been dumped, just like she'd been. Nasty business, breakups. She slowly detached Dave from her and shook him slightly. "Get ahold of yourself boy. It's only John Egbert. He's no big deal."
"Well he was to me," Dave sighed and he and Terezi parked themselves on the park bench. "He said it would be too hard." He started out.
"Well you are from California."
"I'm originally from Texas. I moved to California a few months ago because that's where jake lives. Dirks boyfriend," he clarified. Terezi didn't care.
"Anyway, you're problem. Today seems to be all about me." Terezi took a deep breath to avoid tears and began her story.
"Karkat and I've been dating for two years. We've had our ups and downs but like most couples, we got through. He broke up with me last night. I don't even know what I did." Dave's head snapped up.
"Karkats dating John." He said slowly. Terezi caught on.
"That dick!" She growled. "Breaking up two happy couples so he could get the dick he's been wanting."
"We have to do something," Dave muttered.
An idea popped into Terezi's mind. "Double date."
"Make John and Karkat jealous. We'll pretend to be madly in love and it will make John and Karkat jealous!" Dave nodded vigorously.
"This could work. Yes, let's do this!"
"I'll call John and tell him to expect two more for dinner tonight." Terezi whipped out her phone and began to call John. Dave kissed her on the cheek.
"You're as brilliant as you are beautiful Tz." Terezi smiled sadly.
"Karkat used to say the same thing." But before she could delvge into the memories further, John picked up and she set the date. "Tomorrow at six. Oh, and he said you can still sleep in the guest room. After all, all of your stuff is there." Dave smiled a bit.
"I think I'll crash at your place tonight. Besides, it will give us time to plan!"

"Come in! Come on!" John ushered Dave and Terezi inside and closed the door swiftly behind them. "Karkats just freshening up a bit, please sit down and tell me all of the details." Dave waited until Terezi was seated before missing her lightly on the cheek and sitting besides her. He hid a smile as he noticed John jealously glare at her.
"Oh, it was purely by accident," Terezi started. "I was walking down the street when someone came out of nowhere and tried to grab my purse."
"I was walking down the street as well when I noticed her cry for help. I quickly swooped In and beat the shit out of that mugger," Dave cut in.
"He walked me home, where I invited him in for lunch. It was getting later in the day by now."
"I gladly accepted."
"And we spent a romantic lunch around candlelight and soft music." Terezi grabbed Dave's hand and squeezed slightly. Dave squeezed back.
"That night, last night, was a magical evening for both of us. We were up all night... If you know what I mean." That was not, in fact, a lie. Dave and Terezi had stayed up a good portion of the night creating this made up story. They had giggled for hours at their story until finally passing out from lack of air in their heads combined with sleep. But John didn't know that. He automatically assumed something else. Karkat swept around the corner and stopped dead when he saw Terezi. She looked very good. She pinned her hair up with short loose curls falling out in places. Her dress was low cut with almost everything showing and had a corset cut. The dress hugged her body tight and barely reached the middle of her very shapely thigh. It had a cut on both sides as well that was loosely stitched and showed skin all the way up to the top of her leg. Her heels were black, just like the dress, and were about three inches high. She looked hot. Even Dave would have abandoned gay for her.
"Hello Karkat." She whispered seductively. "And how are you doing today?" Karkat tried to say something but nothing ended up happening except for a few chokes and a groan. John rubbed his hands together.
"We're having pizza. Cool with everyone? Okay, let's eat." The group headed for the table and sat down. Terezi sat next to Karkat and sat down in that special way girls do to show more skin from the dress but not too much to show any censored areas. Dave could swear he saw Karkat panting. John frowned slightly. Their plan was working!
They all began to eat but Karkats eyes were glued to Terezi. In fact, everyone's eyes were glued to Terezi. She swirled the straw around in her mouth suggestively before sucking deeply. Boners for miles around happened that night at approximately that moment. Terezi definately knew how to work the bitches. Karkat moaned slightly and scorched closer to John. Dave nudged Terezi from under the table. 'Good work. But let's notch it up a little bit.' Terezi nodded almost slightly. It's time.
"Gig Dave!" She exclaimed. "Why the hell do you have to smell so sexy right now. You know what that does to me."
"What does it do Tz?" Dave prompted and scootched his chair out further. Terezi stood up and knelt on Dave's legs gently.
"Turns me on," she whispered and then proceeded the sloppy makeout. Dave moaned and put his arms around her, letting her take control. "Oh Dave," she whispered. "I want you right now!" Dave paused her.
"We're at a friends house," he told her. Terezi sighed.
"Oh well. Dinner and a show." And then she pulled him to the floor and commenced ripping his short off. Dave rocked his hips against hers and ground in. She gasped and placed her hand on his bone bulge. Dave moaned and lightly scratched her back. They started to kiss again and were about to go farther when Karkat stood up abrubtly and tipped his chair over.
"That's enough!" Strangely his voice was unusually high. Terezi glanced up at Karkat.
"Really?" She sounded so upset and unbelieving that Karkat just stared at her.
"Yeah, really. Get off!" He pulled her off and flung her onto the floor. John wood up as well.
"That's no way to treat a guest!" And then he helped Dave to his feet. Sadness filled Dave's eyes as he realized that Karkat wasn't going to end this particular relationship. John saw the sadness there and hesitated, not wanting to let go of his hand. Terezi, in the meanwhile, had taken Karkat off somewhere leaving the boys alone. Dave saw a chance and seized it.
"John. I know what we had was deep. For only dating for a month, it was beautiful and hot and heavy. I know it's hard to see each other but every relationship needs to have a problem. Some have more than others but they always pull through. You want to know why? Because they have love, trust, and faith. I certainly know that I trust you with all of my love and I have faith that you'll take care of it.
"So I'm sorry John that I ever fell in love with you because now I'm entrapped and I can't ever forget you. Because your the only one for me. My soul mate."
"Dave..." John mumbled.
"No. I know I'm young. I shouldn't know what love is but because of you, I do. I had to tell you that. I needed to. I love you John Egbert. And if you don't feel the same, I'll be lost alone forever." Dave hid a tear and slowly made his way out of the apartment. John didn't chase him. He just stood there like an idiot, letting the only person in the world who loved him this way walk out of his life. As Dave closed the door quietly behind him, John sprang into action. He ripped the door open to find... His dad?
"Excuse me dad. I have to get Dave!"
"Be careful," his dad moved to let him go. John took a deep breath and turned to Dad Egbert.
"Dad, I'm gay."
His dad looked him over once. "I'm so proud of you son." And then John raced after the one he loved.

Dave was walking toward Terezi's house. She was busy tonight anyway. He would just crash on her couch or something. A noise behind him stopped him. He swung around straight into an Egbert.
"John? He asked incredulously. "What are you doing here?"
"I love you Dave Strider. And that is never going to change." Then they kissed as rain fell softly on their shoulders.
'Finally,' Dave thought and lost himself in Egbert lips.

Terezi wasn't having much luck. Karkat clearly didn't want her, but did at the same time. Why the hell was he so confusing.
"Karkat, don't you love me?"
"Terezi, I don't love you. That's why I broke up with you. It's why people around this fucking world do when the love runs dry. They quit because they're too afraid to try anymore."
"Are you too afraid?"
"No, I don't love you."
"Oh," Terezi sat down slowly. The plan didn't work.
"I bet John and Dave are together again," he sighed. Terezi poked him in the ribs.
"Now you know how i felt you dickhole." He laughed slightly.
"Whatever." John and Dave walked into the room holding hands.
"Karkat, I'm sorry. But I love Dave." Dave wrapped his arm around johns waist protectively.
"You know what?" Karkat screeched. "I'll just go out with Eridan!"
Eridan peeped his head into the window, a hopeful look covering his features.
"Go wait in my bed," Karkat ordered him like a dog. Eridan gleefully scampered off in the direction of Karkats apartment. "See you later suckers!" He yelled and scuttled off after him.
Terezi left as well, trying to think of ways to get Karkat back.
John looked at Dave. Dave smirked at John.
"We got the whole summer ahead of us baby," and Dave kissed John. And then dad Egbert walked into the room.
"Should I suggest different rooms, or did you spoil my son already?"
Dave shrugged, not giving nothing away.
"Alright, sleep in the same room. I'm so proud of you son." And dad Egbert handed John a 'congratulations, you're gay!' Celebratory cake.
Dave laughed a swept up a heap of frosting and stuck it in Johns mouth. "Your dad is so cool."
"Not as cool as you." John pointed out. Dave shrugged.
"I'm a Strider. It's in my blood."
"I'm definately taking your name when we get married."
"John, you said when."
"So i did!"
And then the boys ate the cake well into the night where they passed out from cake comas. Dave thought of what John said. And decided something.
Waking up next to the one you love every morning is worth everything.

John and Dave sat in the verandah of Dave's home. Dirk was in the kitchen, making pizza, with Jake most likely on his lap in hooker boots. John kissed Dave as the sun went down, content to stay this way forever.
Gay weirdos.


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